Off the chain with LGND

by Ronnie K. Pirovino
Chief Curator, LGND

June 30, 2021

Long held beliefs include that digital art is disposable; it is temporary media. It is difficult to collect, let alone organize. Anyone can make a copy and therefore, clarity of ownership and provenance is unfeasible. Factually, these are now antiquated notions.  

Past problems in collecting digital artwork have been aptly solved by blockchain technology. We have entered a new era where Non Fungible Tokens are written permanently onto a de-centralized ledger; easy to collect and organize; and ownership and provenance is indisputably established, facilitating transactions ad infinitum. Among other innovations, NFTs allow the artist to participate in future sales royalties related to their work in perpetuity. Indeed, an NFT will likely be the first art on Mars.

Trespassing online show - Hosted by Christie's and curated by Ronnie K. Pirovino, July 2020.

In 1967, Marshall McLuhan presciently declared that the medium is the message, foreseeing the Internet age as our planet became a global village. His philosophy is squarely at the heart of the current discussion surrounding NFTs. The medium, enabled by blockchain technology, serves as an extension of an artist’s voice. As collectors, we are now able to acquire digital artworks in a way that is actually easier to manage and conserve, on many levels. I’m eager to see the ways everyone will display their collection on walls, similar to paintings. Dynamic surfaces and screens allow so many imaginative ways to appreciate and experience art. 

As NFTs are inherently different, there’s also a plethora of blockchains. From Wax to Etherium to Cardano, they all feature Smart Contracts yet vary widely in levels of energy consumption. Eco-friendly options matter.

Concerns over ecological impact have taken center stage in the mainstream conversation about crypto. Talks on Clubhouse often turn into heated debates regarding the energy used to mint and trade NFTs. The entire sector is very aware of the need to improve and evolve to operate as green as possible. Wax has an answer. The Wax blockchain, with a bridge to Etherium, provides a solid, viable option to address most issues in this controversy. 

In 2021, LGND decided to boldly enter this rapidly developing competitive landscape with its own mission. Purposefully, the platform studied the burgeoning landscape and emerged with a solution that is markedly different than its competitors. Design and development actively advanced for months.

LGND is embedded at the nexus of art and technology, harnessing both in a unique way. Devising the best sustainable approach, they employ Wax for their NFTs, and consistently emphasize quality over quantity. Highly curated, the platform’s debut was with James Jean, clearly establishing an ethos of excellence. Importantly, the shows are presented in a deliberate manner that gives the global collecting audience access to artwork at various levels. Jean’s show featured a one-of-a-kind piece at auction, an edition of 3, an edition of 88 and some timed-editions. The Wave Coin, in an edition of 888, has become instantly coveted in the crypto community, with the possibility of being gifted a rare print by Jean to owners. 

James Jean - The Editor Drawing and The Editor Day - from the 'To The Muses' show, May 2021

LGND is rapidly scalable and aims at providing the ideal opportunity to create an NFT collection with no gas fees. The pursuit to allow collectors to transact in a gas-free environment opens access to the largest audience possible. The Wax blockchain capably simplifies some aspects directly impacting the collecting journey. 

LGND has the potential to lead this transformative art age. 

LGND is presenting the most exciting, vital art on the planet to collectors of all sorts. The de-centralized operation fills the pressing need to serve outstanding artists and dedicated collectors in the NFT space and beyond. They are kindling a growing community of collectors, from crypto and the traditional art world alike, with ultimate reverence and respect as the basic premise. While still early in the epoch of blockchain and NFTs, there’s now a definitive player with serious goals. 

LGND is very adaptive and responsive with communication, in an effort to encourage interaction. Building lasting trust in the collector community is imperative. 

LGND has a philosophy, a process and an ambitious vision.

LGND is the cynosure for travelers lost in the forest without a map, like the brightest star in the sky.

You are LGND.

Ronnie K. Pirovino

Ronnie K. Pirovino is a widely recognized art collector, curator and appraiser; his pursuits encompass entrepreneurial projects including NFTs. Notably, after his collection grew to prominence, he departed a successful career in digital advertising to focus on his passion for art. Pirovino has partnered with Christie’s on an ongoing series of auction sales, called Trespassing. With, he’s Chief Curator, aiming for innovation at the intersection of art and technology. On Instagram, @pirovino shares his various endeavors with a wide range of audiences. Pirovino holds a B.S. in Communication with a minor in Art History from Northwestern.

Header Illustration - Brent Ashe